How to fix a slipped bike chain

Many people faced this problem of chain slipping in the middle of the ride, and what can be more annoying than that? It also takes a lot of time to put it back on, if you don’t really know what you’re doing. In this article we will tell you how to easily fix this problem.

Inspect the chain

First thing you have to do when the chain has slipped is examine it: are there any noticeable damages? Are the pieces broken or bent? If they are, you have to replace them first before putting the chain back on.

Find the convenient position for the bike

For a better angle and accessibility, it’s advisable to either turn your bike upside down (placing it on the handlebars and seat) or hang it from a bike stand (keep the bike on such a height that the rear wheel doesn’t touch the ground).

Determine the gears

On the front and rear gear of your bike there are small machines called dérailleurs that move the chain from gear to gear. Look at the derailleur and see if it’s resting on the front gear — then you will have to put it back on this one, if it’s on the rear gear — put it there.

Put the chain on

First, you need to get slack on the chain by pushing the rear derailleur arm (it should be next to the cog on the bottom) towards the handlebars. Then, pick the chain up and drape it on top of the rear gear. Next, put the other end of the chain to the bottom of the front gear and pedal the bike backwards till the chain is back in.

If the chain is badly damaged, you can get a new one here.

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