How To: Maintain & Clean Your Bike

Cycling becomes more and more popular around the world. This eco-friendly activity has lots of advantages, both for health and for the environment. To enjoy cycling in all ways, you need to take a good care of your bike to ensure you get a smooth ride. Here are ten top tips to keep your bike in tip top shape.

1. Keep It Clean

If there is one thing you can do to prolong the life of your bike, it is keeping it clean. Tedious, but true. No fancy cleaning kit required – a bucket of soapy water, a sponge and an old toothbrush is all you need, though a proper degreaser will help break down the oil and grit in the chain and gear sprockets.

2. Keep Tyres Inflated Properly

Poorly inflated tyres are prone to punctures. Look on the side of your tyre for a number followed by the letters PSI. That tells you how much air to put in.

Portable Bicycle Pump

3. Check Brake Pads

Worn brake pads equal rubbish brakes. You can tell they are worn if you can hardly see the grooves anymore. Fitting new brake pads is a very cheap and easy fix.

Brake Pads

4. Get Repair Tools Kit

Good new tools kit will always be handy – when you’re already cycling or when you’ve decided to check the condition of your bike.

Repair Tools Kit

5. Lubrication, Lubrication, Lubrication

Buy some bike-specific lubricant and use it sparingly on any parts of your bike where metal touches metal. There is no point oiling your chain unless you have cleaned it properly first – you’ll make matters worse.

6. Replace Old Worn Out Tires

Your bike deserves the best, right? Constantly check the quality of tires – don’t wait until they are “bald”, replace them on time.

Bicycle Tires

7. Check The Chain

Look at your chain and all the gears. Keeping your chain lubricated and everything clean will ensure your bike shifts easier and the drivetrain (made up of the front chain rings, rear cassette, rear derailleur and chain) last longer.

12 Speed Chain

8. Get Your Saddle Perfect

If you are prone to SBS (sore bum syndrome), experiment a little with your saddle, raising or tilting it slightly to suit your riding style. If you get sore knees while cycling, you might have your saddle too low. When you pedal, your legs should be almost straight on the downwards revolution.

Bicycle Saddle Seat

9. Install Bicycle Lights

When your cycling path is lighted enough you will see where you’re riding, hence, you won’t get a flat tire or even broke your bike.

Bicycle Light

10. Get A Professional Service

Once a year should be fine, ideally at the start of spring if you’ve been brave enough to cycle though winter. There is no shame in getting the pros in. Think of it as your bicycle MOT.

We hope our 10 tips will be a good help for you to keep your bike well conditioned.

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