What should you have in your bike kit

If you’re enthusiastic about cycling, you should know that it’s not always as easy as it seems and you can face some problems during the ride. Sometimes, your bike can just get broken and you will have to fix it on the spot; to do that, you need to have a bike kit with all the essential tools. So what should you have in your kit?

Multi-function tool

Multi-function tools are your life savers. The main advantage of a multi tool is its size — its only one item that can be used as different tools, usually it’s around 20 cm, so it can easily fit in your bike bag. For bikes you would normally need allen wrenches (or keys) of different diameters, so make sure your multi-function tool has them. Also, it’s advisable to have two types of screwdrivers: straight and cross ones.


Anything can happen on the road, and flat tire is a pretty common problem. To quickly fix that and continue your ride, you will need to inflate the tire; and to do so you will need a pump. Modern pumps are very compact and can easily fit in even the smallest bags.


You can’t repair your bike in the evening without good lighting, and streetlights aren’t enough for that purpose. You can’t rely on your phone flashlight either, as they tend to run out of battery very fast. That’s why we recommend getting a flashlight for your bike kit.

Ideally, bike kits should also include chain removal tools and tire levelers, but that’s optional, really, and you can well go without them. The three items that we mentioned in this article are essential, but you can always add something more — look for tools here.

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