What to wear for cycling

No matter whether you’re doing cycling professionally or just as a hobby, you still have to wear appropriate clothes, shoes and accessories — the comfort of your ride mainly depends on that. So, what should you wear for your bike ride?

Shorts or bibs

For your bottoms it’s better to choose shorts or bibs for an obvious reason — they’re stretchy. Mainly they serve the same purpose — they give you the freedom of movement, which is essential for bike riding, but there are, of course, differences. Bibs a come with shoulder straps, which let them stay in position better, so there’s no chance that the waistband will roll down.

Waterproof jacket

You have to be aware of the change in weather conditions, but they can be quite unpredictable. That’s why we recommend you wearing a waterproof jacket — just in case there will be rain. They’re also quite wind resilient, so you shouldn’t worry about that too.

Cycling shoes

Of course, sneakers are good for sports, but you can’t rely on them that much when cycling. If you w don’t want your feet to get tired soon after the start of the ride, buy special cycling shoes.

Protective gloves

When riding too fast or cycling during bad weather conditions (wind, rain), you risk damaging your hands’ skin: it can get chapped or scratchy. To prevent that from happening, and also to prevent the appearance of blisters, you should get a pair of gloves.


Don’t forget to protect your eyes from dust, bugs, wind and blinding sun when cycling, or it all may lead to injuries. Glasses and goggles will help with that.

These are the main clothing items for cycling, but don’t forget about protective gear  (helmets, caps) too! You can find it all on this website.

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